100,000,000+ data points already recorded

Web analytics and data platform

New ways in marketing: Use intelligent web tracking and meaningful analytics to automatically create personas and optimize your marketing budget effectively and without great effort.

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All advantages at a glance

AI-supported web tracking

Get started for free

Start your journey today into a world of possibilities, where getting started costs nothing but can mean everything, and manage all your marketing-relevant data in one central location.

Easy installation

Benefit from effortless set-up that even beginners can manage. Get started with ease in no time - no effort, no stress.

Super clear

Experience an ultra-precise overview that presents your data in a refreshingly clear and understandable way, making it easy to keep track of complex information.

European hosting

Rely on European hosting! We manage your data safely and securely on European servers. Enjoy the reliability of a hosting solution that meets strict European standards.

No cookies

Our platform does not use cookies for tracking purposes and instead uses server-side tracking. Your users enjoy a comprehensive user experience, while you receive comprehensive analytics with a transparent, server-side tracking system.

Persona generation with AI

The use of artificial intelligence enables Yodalytics to automatically generate personas based on the web tracking data collected from your website. Perfect for expanding and refining your knowledge of your target group many times over

Easy sharing of your data

Share with ease! Discover the ease of sharing with our platform. With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly and directly share the data you want. This allows you to effortlessly connect with your partners and increase the efficiency of your data management.

Save on marketing costs

Reduce your marketing spend! Use Yodalytics as an efficient solution to significantly reduce your marketing costs by recognizing which personas are your actual prospects and buyers.

Collect data - Generate personas - Optimize your marketing budget

Your AI-powered data platform and control center

Automated Persona Generation

The use of artificial intelligence enables Yodalytics to automatically generate personas based on the web tracking data collected from your website. Optimize your marketing strategy with data-driven insights into the behavior of your website users.

Automated generation of personas

Our artificial intelligence works around the clock

Save time, effort and money with data-driven analysis

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Alle Daten auf einen Blick

All your data presented clearly

All your web tracking data on one page

Yodalytics displays all your data clearly on one page. No more surfing through x-reports and losing track.

No use of cookies

Easy installation

Super-clear presentation of your web tracking data

Data protection? No problem with Yodalytics

European hosting

Security and data protection are our top priority. Our European hosting meets strict data protection standards to protect your data and that of your users. Rely on our privacy-friendly infrastructure.

European Data Protection Standard & Hosting

No use of cookies

No overarching tracking of your users

europäisches Hosting
Daten teilen und Flows optimieren

Share it. Super easy.

Easy sharing of your data

Easily share your data within the company or with your marketing agency. Decide for yourself at any time who can read and use your data and how.

Easily invite more users to Yodalytics

Share your data directly via the system

Less effort for your marketing agency

100,000,000+ data points already recorded

Yodalytics reduces your marketing costs through AI-supported persona generation.

Invest more specifically in your target group with Yodalytics and save money and effort.

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